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With every passing day, the African vision gets sharper with thousands of investors actively taking a share in shaping the Africa of the future. With a thriving economy on the rise, there has never been a better time to go all in. Be a part of the future. Invest in Africa today!

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Investing in Africa

It’s a continent blessed beyond wonders. Nigeria, as the giant of Africa, is bestowed with both human and natural resources. We present fertile soil for international investors, traders and manufacturers looking to strike at the start of the continent.

At Kunech, we can help you start today to invest in the future of Africa. We are in business to act as a guide and help you take advantage of the limitless resources and opportunities that exist here.

Let’s help you strike gold!

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How we can help you

We know the African market. We can help you make wise investments and create a business that can thrive on African soil.

Investors, Traders and Entrepreneurs

Are you an international organization or brand wishing to enter the African region or a local entrepreneur looking for a new business opportunity in Nigeria?

Are you a distributor looking to bring a new product into the Nigerian market or looking to be a franchise of a major international brand?

Whatever your investments needs and interests are, you will have needs and challenges and Kunech can help you overcome them.

Driving Growth in Nigeria

Nigeria is at an exciting stage of the economic growth cycle, and the biggest opportunities for you to invest exist now.

Oil and gas wealth has become significant. Hugely profitable businesses are commonplace. Wealth is being passed down to younger, western educated generations, eager to achieve. They have the means to become entrepreneurial, and they crave success.

An explosive middle class is growing increasingly affluent, increasingly elite. The desire of Nigeria’s cashed up youth to grow and develop is strong, with a fierce desire for success. And they are totally brand conscious and globally aware.

Outside perceptions are finally shifting. International fund managers are looking at Africa, and specifically Nigeria as the next big opportunity. Sophisticated investors and entrepreneurs are starting to realize the risk is now coming out of the market.

The foundation for growth has already been laid. The planning has already been done. Investment in infrastructure has already been made and developments are well underway. The change has already taken place. It's just not visible to the outside world. Not yet. There's obviously still a long way to go, but the opportunities will never be greater than they are right now.

Nigeria is now a nation bursting with demand, and very little in the way of supply, and therein lies an abundance of opportunity. That's where you come in. Very little in the way of household brand names or international goods and services exist right now, yet the demand for them is unparalleled. What demand are you able to fulfill?

Having a Strategic Partner

Along with the opportunities of investment in Nigeria comes a certain level of risk. To mitigate risk as practically as possible, one must have a good understanding of the politics, market dynamics, pricing and local culture. One must also have the right logistics channels and the means to navigate bureaucracy.

Therein lies the challenge. How do you take advantage of commercial opportunities if you do not understand the culture of the market? If you do not understand how things work politically in this region? What about compliance with the legal and regulatory frameworks attached to doing business in Nigeria? Fundamentally, how do you even get started with just a simple foot in the door?

For local entrepreneurs, the challenges are slightly different yet equally inhibiting. How do you increase your chances of success? How do you quickly grow a broad range of connections? How do you develop your capability effectively to an international standard? And how do you find the right financing solution to realistically achieve your business goals?

You can either deal with these challenges alone, or engage a strategic partner. Given you probably want to see returns on your investment this century, a strategic partner is the most sensible solution. That is why Kunech exists. We understand all these challenges that you and other business investors face and have built our organization to solve any or all of these challenges for you.

Pushing a World-Class Brand into the African Market

Precision Tune Auto Care is one of the worlds premier car servicing brands, established in the USA in 1975 and renowned for fair pricing, high quality service and maintenance work on cars and light trucks.

As part of their global expansion vision, Africa's emerging markets were seen as a key component of their growth strategies. However, bringing their successful operations to Nigeria was frought with many challenges.

Precision sought a strategic partner that shared their vision, standards of customer service, values of fairness and high level of integrity, who could not only develop a specific market within the region, but had the capability and insight to build the infrastructure required in the region.

Kunech was engaged as their partner to roll out the Precision franchise across the West Africa and Levant regions, based from our Dubai franchising offices, as a management, logistics, training and support hub.

From the initial operation site in Lekki, Nigeria, the Precision brand will be grown through wholly owned sites and franchise partnerships to cater for corporate fleets, businesses and private users of vehicles in the region.

The development plan calls for 5 sites throughout Nigeria in year one, and 6 different countries with sites open by the end of year three. The progress is already on track with buildings for all projects in Nigeria either underway or completed and interest has been agreed with more than the required number of countries.

Kunech provided the network, knowledge and insights necessary for Precision to achieve their vision in Africa. We built the supply chain infrastructure, negotiated contracts of supply for parts / consumables, equipment supply systems and training & development support.

To support Precision's growth, Kunech will provide franchisees with:

  • Franchise Development support team
  • Marketing support – developmental & materials
  • Brand development activity
  • Financial assistance / Capital
  • Logistics / Supply Chain / Trade finance
  • Training & development system
  • Recruitment pipeline / assistance
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500+ opportunities created in the last 6 months

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We are building businesses ready to take over the African market and become industry giants.

Without the tremendous support we received working with the team at Kunech, our Nigerian operation would still be on the drawing board. However, thanks to Kunech we already have a thriving local business bringing international standards of automotive care to the people of Nigeria, and together with Kunech we'll be expanding in the region in no time.



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