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About Kunech

Kunech acts as a bridge, connecting international investors with a safe and reliable passage to the bountiful opportunities Nigeria has to offer.

We are a leading organisation committed to bringing international businesses, brands, standards and people into Nigeria, to fulfill the hungry demand of the people.

We aim to be the strategic partner of choice for international organisations wanting to bring the same success their brands have enjoyed abroad, into Africa. We have the knowledge, finance, influence and connections to help you build effective distribution in Nigeria and the wider African region.

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Our Vision

Kunech’s vision is simple. We want to empower Nigeria to be an economic leader both in the African region, and on the international stage, and make a positive difference in the lives of Nigerians and the Nigerian nation as a whole.

We are committed to investing in Africa, investing in Nigeria, investing in our people, and securing not only our future, but also the future of our families, our colleagues and of course our partners.

We desire to be the number 1 employer in Nigeria – where people will want to come to work for the opportunities, fairness, support, reward, pride and sense of belonging – all attributes of an employer hard to come by in Nigera.

We want our brands to be household names in Africa and beyond.

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Our People

Young, talented, internationally educated, entrepreneurial, proud and highly motivated to bring about positive change to our wonderful nation.

Our people are passionate about business, investment and economics. We strive for excellence and we have the strongest belief in ourselves and the potential our nation has to offer.

We are committed to shifting negative percaeptions and showing the world what Nigeria is capable of.

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Our Values

Kunech is known for reliability, fairness, quality, international standards and pride in our nation. We operate with the highest levels of integrity, honesty and honour.

We continually invest in the introduction of new ideas, the education of our youth, the structure of commerce in Nigeria, and new business standards and methodologies.

In time we will grow our strength and the citizens of our Nigeria will enjoy a new-found prosperity. Please join us on the journey of investing in Africa, and building a wonderful nation and thriving economic power of the future.

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How we can help you

Find out what we do, how we do it and how you can be part of making the future in Africa.

What We Do At Kunech

Kunech enable both international and local companies to set up operations and trade in nigeria effectively. We act as a conduit – between international businesses, organisations and brands, an local partners, such as franchisees, agents, distributors and retailers.

We provide you with the knowledge, capability and connections to fast-track the growth of your business. We help you minimise the risks and maximise the returns on your African investment.

We help you understand the politics, market dynamics, pricing and local culture in Nigeria. We provide you with the right logistics channels and the means to navigate bureaucracy. We help you with compliance and the legal and regulatory frameworks attached to doing business in Nigeria. We help you make the right connections. We help you with local financing. And the list goes on. Essentially, we exponentially increase your chances of success.

How We Do What We Do

We understand that our investments, networks, knowledge of African markets and culture, sector expertise and infrastructure are only a part of our product offering. Beyond this, the true value of partnering with Kunech is in the safe and reliable pathway to seizing the opportunities that our nation presents. But it’s how we manage our relationships that is of most importance. This is our true expertise.

We work strategically with you, to ensure you gain the most value from what we do. We are a relationship focused organisation, and strive to be considered a trusted advisor. Whilst you may be interested in us to buy into our networks and knowledge, most importantly, you’ll gain insight into how to achieve your vision in Africa. This is the real value of a true partnership with Kunech.

What Makes Kunech Different?

Considering a career with Kunech? Nigeria is the second largest economy in Africa and one of the fastest growing, but finding great employment opportunities with reputable companies operating with the highest levels of integrity and competence is not easy. Kunech is exactly that.

We are a diverse organisation in a phase of rapid growth – and we are looking for vibrant, talented and innovative individuals to work with us in bridging the international business world to the vast opportunities that exist in our nation today.

Quite simply, we care. We care about our parnters, our investors, our suppliers, and our nation as a whole. But most of all we care about our staff. Our people are our most important asset and we invest extensively in our people. Our training programmes are second to none, and we look after our staff like family.

Kunech is a fast-moving company suited to honest, proactive and committed individuals. Our business values are trust, caring, openness and belonging, and we seek to live these values in both our personal and professional lives. If that sounds like you then we would love to hear from you.

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200+ testimonials from investors all over Africa

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Reach out to our team

We are real humans looking to help guide real investors.

Project Manager, Kunech
Ignacio Luis

Ignacio Luis, is an experienced Construction Manager who offers a high degree of customer focus. Graduated from Spain as an Architectural Technician, he's specialized in leading effective work execution.

HR Manager, Kunech
Olukayode Janet

Olukayode Janet, is the Head of HR for Kunech Group Ltd. She has 27 years work experience in Finance & Human Resource across different sectors of the Nigerian Economy in FMCG, Automobile, Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Construction, Health and Education.

Head of FMCG, Kunech
Opogah Peter

Opogah Peter, is the Head of Fast moving consumable goods for Kunech Group Ltd. With 25years work experience in sales and Marketing. His training spans across Nigeria and abroad.

Parts Manager, Kunech
Rolland Ogwuni

Rolland Ogwuni, is an Engineer with an MBA in Nigerian open university. His knowledge of business management and investment makes him a valuable asset at Kunech

IT Manager, Kunech
Olalekan Martins

Olalakan Martins, is an electrical electronics engineer. He is enthusiastic about unlocking new possibilities with technology. He is presently the IT manager for Kunech group.

Head of Accounts & Finance, Kunech
Shoremi Micheal

Shoremi Micheal, is a graduate of Economics. He has an MBA from Obafemi Awolowo University. He spends his free time studying the economy and thinking of how best to create thriving businesses.

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Office Headquarters

KM 18, Lekki - Epe Express way, Osapa London, Lagos, Nigeria

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