Along with the opportunities of investment in Nigeria comes a certain level of risk. To mitigate risk as practically as possible, one must have a good understanding of the politics, market dynamics, pricing and local culture. One must also have the right logistics channels and the means to navigate bureaucracy.

Therein lies the challenge. How do you take advantage of commercial opportunities if you do not understand the culture of the market? If you do not understand how things work politically in this region? What about compliance with the legal and regulatory frameworks attached to doing business in Nigeria? Fundamentally, how do you even get started with a just simple foot in the door?

For local entrepreneurs the challenges are slightly different yet equally inhibiting. How do you increase your chances of success? How do you quickly grow a broad range of connections? How do you develop your capability effectively to an international standard? And how do you find the right financing solution to realistically achieve your business goals?

You can either deal with these challenges alone, or engage a strategic partner. Given you probably want to see returns on your investment this century, a strategic partner is the most sensible solution. That is why Kunech exists. We understand all these challenges that you and other business investors face and have built our organization to solve any or all of these challenges for you.

Case study: Kunech partnership enables a world-class automotive brand to enter the African market >

        Without the tremendous support we received working with the team at Kunech, our Nigerian operation would still be on the drawing board. However, thanks to Kunech we already have a thriving local business bringing international standards of automotive care to the people of Nigeria, and together with Kunech we'll be expanding in the region in no time.