Who is Kunech

Kunech is coming to be known within the international community as a trustworthy, highly capable and credible partner for investing in Nigeria and Africa. We are a fully Nigerian owned operation, with an exceptional, high caliber international management team and growing at an exciting pace.


Kunech’s vision is simple. We want to empower Nigeria to be an economic leader both in the African region, and on the international stage, and make a positive difference in the lives of Nigerians and the Nigerian nation as a whole.

We are committed to investing in Africa, investing in Nigeria, investing in our people, and securing not only our future, but also the future of our families, our colleagues and of course our partners.

We desire to be the number 1 employer in Nigeria – where people will want to come to work for the opportunities, fairness, support, reward, pride and sense of belonging – all attributes of an employer hard to come by in Nigera.

We want our brands to be household names in Africa and beyond.


Young, talented, internationally educated, entrepreneurial, proud and highly motivated to bring about positive change to our wonderful nation. Our people are passionate about business, investment and economics. We strive for excellence and we have the strongest belief in ourselves and the potential our nation has to offer. We are committed to shifting negative percaeptions and showing the world what Nigeria is capable of.


Kunech is known for reliability, fairness, quality, international standards and pride in our nation. We operate with the highest levels of integrity, honesty and honour.

We continually invest in the introduction of new ideas, the education of our youth, the structure of commerce in Nigeria, and new business standards and methodologies.

In time we will grow our strength and the citizens of our Nigeria will enjoy a new-found prosperity. Please join us on the journey of investing in Africa, and building a wonderful nation and thriving economic power of the future.

What we do >

        Without the tremendous support we received working with the team at Kunech, our Nigerian operation would still be on the drawing board. However, thanks to Kunech we already have a thriving local business bringing international standards of automotive care to the people of Nigeria, and together with Kunech we'll be expanding in the region in no time.