Kunech enable both international and local companies to set up operations and trade in nigeria effectively. We act as a conduit – between international businesses, organisations and brands, and local partners, such as franchisees, agents, distributors and retailers.

We provide you with the knowledge, capability and connections to fast-track the growth of your business. We help you minimise the risks and maximise the returns on your African investment.

We help you understand the politics, market dynamics, pricing and local culture in Nigeria. We provide you with the right logistics channels and the means to navigate bureaucracy. We help you with compliance and the legal and regulatory frameworks attached to doing business in Nigeria. We help you make the right connections. We help you with local financing. And the list goes on.

Essentially, we exponentially increase your chances of success.

How we do it >

        Without the tremendous support we received working with the team at Kunech, our Nigerian operation would still be on the drawing board. However, thanks to Kunech we already have a thriving local business bringing international standards of automotive care to the people of Nigeria, and together with Kunech we'll be expanding in the region in no time.