At Kunech, we believe that in order to be of true value to you, it’s important to manage our relationship using a structured process. This ensures deliverables are clear and expectations are met.

Our Investment Intelligence framework is exactly that – a structured process we follow when working together with you, that enables you to embrace our skills and resources to kick-start your investment in Nigeria and fast-track the potential returns of that investment.

What is it?


Success is driven by people. If your investment in Nigeria is to deliver the returns you want, you’re going to need the right people involved early on. But Investing in Africa without a strategic partner often means building networks from scratch. That’s where we come in.

Because of the respect and reputation Kunech have built and managed within our vast business networks, partnering with us means you will be connected to the right local people from the outset. Managing and growing this Network is part of what we do. Making the right connection with local people is how you benefit.


We all know every investment carries a level of risk with it. And we understand the perceptions of investing in Nigeria to be substantially high risk, simply due to many unknowns. Arm yourself with knowledge and that risk is reduced.

Kunech’s knowledge of the Nigerian economy and markets is second to none. And it’s this in-depth knowledge that we provide you with – about African markets, industries and culture, which allows us to bridge the gap between your business plan and the reality of doing business in here, so you can ultimately minimise your risks and maximise your growth in a much shorter timeframe.


Our offering is not just about getting your operation up and running. Partnering with us means working together strategically at the highest level, sharing and exploring the insights we gain, together with you.

Our insight goes well beyond our knowledge. It is the deepest level of knowing and understanding we have gained from our abundant experiences. It’s a clear perception your business, objectives and challenges as well as our commitment to, and utmost respect for the relationship with you.

It is at this level of the relationship where you’ll experience the most value from us, as it allows you to adapt your vision to be relevant to your African venture, and realistically stay on track to achieving that vision with our continual support.

        Without the tremendous support we received working with the team at Kunech, our Nigerian operation would still be on the drawing board. However, thanks to Kunech we already have a thriving local business bringing international standards of automotive care to the people of Nigeria, and together with Kunech we'll be expanding in the region in no time.